Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Impending Water Crises In Pakistan

As Pakistan faces an impending water shortage, the emphasis should be on conservation and good water management. Some household tips to reduce wastage are as follows:
Keep the physical count of amount of water used for different purposes such as drinking,cooking,kitchen washing, linen washing, lawn watering, porch washing,car washing, toilet flushing .We have installed brackish underground water pumps and seperate storage which we are using for garden watering, toilet flushing, porch washing. Toilet flushing consumes a lot of water so the use of brackish water helps a lot.
It is essential to train children to turn off the tap while applying toothpaste to brush, while brushing teeth, using shower water judisciously like wetting body and head quickly and then applying shampoo and soap over body while the shower is turned of . Rinsing head and then body sytematically. I have seen if water is mixed in a bucket and then used, water is saved much easily.
The children should be shown the water sources and how they are depleted and we should make them realize conservation.
Children should be taught to wash dishes at an early age so that they understand water conservation.