Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nuclear Threat to Karachi.

In this article Akhtar Ali presents a detailed argument on why the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission should relocate its site plan from Main Karachi towards Gadani, Baluchistan. He says that in a very densely populated area where the old KANUPP plant is located, the congested area has no exit roads, all businesses including wholesale food, medicines, electronics and other goods are supplied to the whole country from here and are located nearby, there is not enough capacity of either people or government any kind of contigency leave alone Nuclear accident, very real threat of leakage, radiation, contamination and security concerns in the present circumstance.His arguments are valid and forceful to protect the citizens of Karachi as upto a 50 mile radius will be contaminated uptill Port Qasim.he is neither against nuclear energy for civilian use nor against use in weapons by Pakistan as a deterrent.Read his full article here