Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Developing medical record keeping software

The need for keeping short, comprehensive, useful medical records has become so acute that the electronic medical record keeping has become s important as water. The issues are easy user friendly data entry formats, easily transferable information codes,security, standardisation, insurance accessibility and above all completeness of examination and history taking. With the advennt of tele medicine as part of medical care we have to focus on good history taking and physical exam.I have developed a software as part of EMR to use these important inputs.
The culture of meticulous record keeping has to be encouraged especially in Pakistan.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Impending Water Crises in Asia and Africa

The threat of water shortages especially for drinking purposes looms large over the most populated and stressed countries in the world.A sudy carried out by the Global Change Impact Center in Pakistan(govt. sponsored group ) gives an overall perspective of difficulties challenging this country.It states that the economic growth as dependant on agriculture will be affected by water shortages.Unemployment and food shortages will result.Pakistan like other countries in Asia and Africa suffers from pollution of rivers, poor management of water ,silting of reservoirs,no new water resevoirs bieng built.The report emphasizes better use of water but in th e end fails to give practical steps for water management practices in Pakistan as its topic;Water and new technologies suggests. There is no footprint for solutions either technological or better water management practices which are a dire need in a country with a population growth rate as one of the highest in the world.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Water is important for life.Drinking water is in very short supply over Africa and Asia.Conservancy measures are important.Water usage banks should be created for conservation and sustainable usage by communities themselves.Each group should plan thier own programs.
Self help should be the basis ,Orangi Pilot Project example.We should lessen dependancy in planning from foreign donors.Water Banks should be made available to the communities as commodity equities with regulatory controls by th e state itself.