Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nuclear Threat to Karachi.

In this article Akhtar Ali presents a detailed argument on why the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission should relocate its site plan from Main Karachi towards Gadani, Baluchistan. He says that in a very densely populated area where the old KANUPP plant is located, the congested area has no exit roads, all businesses including wholesale food, medicines, electronics and other goods are supplied to the whole country from here and are located nearby, there is not enough capacity of either people or government any kind of contigency leave alone Nuclear accident, very real threat of leakage, radiation, contamination and security concerns in the present circumstance.His arguments are valid and forceful to protect the citizens of Karachi as upto a 50 mile radius will be contaminated uptill Port Qasim.he is neither against nuclear energy for civilian use nor against use in weapons by Pakistan as a deterrent.Read his full article here

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pakistan's Energy Scenario...Future Prospects.

Akhtar Ali in part 1 of his seminal article in Business Recorder, Pakistan,   gives an experienced, critical yet balanced view of the energy sector in Pakistan.The new developments which have taken place have some positive and some negative implications. Brent crude oil prices falling,A government policy to fast track implementation of conversion of steam turbine- based  plants which consume oil  and raise circular debt to coal , KESC reducing its losses and showing profit, decrease in interest rate, a new policy increasing well head prices therby attracting investment in local gas exploration are some encouraging points. The discouraging issues and ones which need more deep understanding and solutions are also discussed in detail.
He emphasizes on prioritizing the economic agenda and removing the hurdles to fast economic development. Pakistan has a very complex political scenario and culture. The issues are complex and require consistent and persistent dialogue, knowledge based solutions.His books on these topics are also available at Amazon. 
He has given some very doable and easy solutions like developing local coal mines which are attractive for local markets. He also points out the falsely presented and damaging issues like Thar Coal rates at 11 cents by people like Asad Omar (former Engro, Pakistan CEO) and the much lower rates of 5 cents by Chinese company Scenhua (2005) which was unfortunately not given the contract.
In Part 2 , Petroleum pricing and its linkages with electricity and gas pricing are discussed.
In Part 3, a Petroleum pricing is discussed in detail with international background and the policy initiatives by the GoP.He advises the reduction in prices by decreasing GST and PL when international oil prices are down for benefit of the consumers.He believes that zero energy taxation on all  fuels related with energy and electricity whereby subsidies should be balanced by taxation.